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First Steps Nursery has seven bright, colourful spacious individual designed rooms which are
dedicated to each age group. Each room provides a visually stimulating atmosphere which
encourages children to explore their environment around them. Our highly trained enthusiastic staff
encourage various opportunities for play and exploration relating to each age group taking into
account the EYFS and each child’s individual needs and abilities.

Our baby side of the nursery has 2 separate, exciting, underwater themed outdoor play areas children aged 6 weeks to 2 years which all incorporate safety flooring and a wide range of outdoor toys and equipment.

First Steps Nursery uses a specialist key person system that supports your child with their own
individual key worker as children learn to be strong and independent through positive relationships.
This system ensures that your child has someone who will closely monitor their progress, well-being
and safety when within the nursery. The key person will be someone who your child can form a
trusting bond with and feel secure with. The key person will make sure that their children are meeting their age related targets and goals in line with standards and the EYFS and offers continuity of care.

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