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We know that young children need to be active to learn and this is a key principle of all aspects of our provision at nursery, both indoors and outdoors. Our babies and toddlers have separate play areas which are accessed directly from each room.

We understand that outdoor play is an integral part of the curriculum and it enhances the child’s learning. It also helps to develop co-ordination, balance and movement and develops strong muscles, with opportunities to crawl, run, push, pull climb and jump.

Our children have access to a large spacious play area with soft safety flooring, where they enjoy using different outdoor equipment such as balls, toy houses, skittles and push along bikes and cars to explore and development their fine and gross motor skills. In addition to this we have children’s picnic tables where the practitioners provide appropriate toys for the children such as blocks and jigsaws.

Our outdoor area provides unique and special opportunities for movement and play that our practitioners take advantage of every day with children. The outdoor area also has several different size slides and climbing frames to promote the children’s development at different ages and stage of their physical development, as well as an exciting messy kitchen which integrates the children’s sand and water areas. Children will have the opportunity to practice their mark making skills using chalks or simply a paintbrush and water.

Within our outdoor space we also have several sensory gardens and vegetable patches  where the children can explore using their 5 senses and the play opportunities are endless.

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