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Early Learning room for children aged 24 Months - 36 Months ( Approximately )


Within our Early learning Room we provide lots of exciting and challenging activities that are age appropriate and useful in supporting new found skills. The staff within the Early learning room ensure a happy and caring environment, that encourages secure foundations to be laid for your child’s development.

The children in our Early learning Room will be able to explore and experience a range of different Sensory activities using messy play such as sand, water, silk, rice, pasta, play dough and bubbles etc. Through these activities’ children will build positive relationships with other children as they start to create friendships with others.

When the children enter our Early learning room we build on the children’s understanding of colours, shapes and numbers introducing more complicated shapes such as star, diamond through fun and simulating child-led activities. Children can independently select from a range of high quality toys, furniture and equipment appropriate for their age and stages of development, such as role play, dressing up, different construction, books, imaginative play, dolls, cars, jigsaws, colouring, and painting etc.

As the children start to become more independent in our Early learning room their key worker will encourage them to manage their personal care such as, washing their own hands at certain times during the day. Toilet training is started within this room as the children start to become more confident, our experienced members of staff will work with parents to support their child during this stage of their development.

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