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What will happen if someone we don’t know arrives to collect your child?

To ensure that children in our care are collected by authorised adults only, the following procedures will be adhered to by our staff:

  • When a child is first registered at the nursery, a child details form must be completed detailing those adults who have parental responsibility and any other responsible adults (over 18 years) who are authorised to collect the child. We also ask for photographs of these people. This must be updated by the parents if there are any changes to these arrangements and staff must be kept informed. Parents must inform the staff who will normally be collecting the child and always inform them if someone else if going to collect the child, giving them a description and assigning a password.

  • If an unknown or unauthorised person arrives to collect a child then under no circumstances will we release the child to them even if the correct password is given. We will contact the parents/carers immediately to inform them that we cannot release the child. If required we will contact the police if the unknown person is suspected to be an intruder.

  • If a known person arrives to collect a child but is not the normal person who collects and we have not been informed that they are collecting the child that day then we will first contact the parents to check the child can be released, ensuring that the parent gives a description and password.

  • If a known person arrives to collect a child but is not in a state which we deem suitable to care for a child (e.g. acting violently or under the influence of alcohol or other substances) then we will not release them. We will call another authorised person to come and collect the child.

  • In the event of disputes between parents that have not been through the courts, we cannot prevent the child from being collected by one of the parents. The other parent will be contacted to inform them that their child has been collected. The child’s best interests and welfare are of paramount importance and every effort will be made to avoid distressing scenes in front of the child.

  • In the event that there is a court order in place to prevent access by a parent then we will adhere to this and place a copy on the child’s file.

What to do if …………

We’ve provided some information for you with regards to policies and actions in the event of any of the circumstances listed below. If you can’t find the information you need please ask one of the nursery management team or contact us by email at or by telephone.


Illness & late collection:


If your child is ill please refer to our Sick Children Policy. We do not permit the pro-rata reduction of payment of fees if your child is absent from nursery due to illness (or holidays) whilst the nursery is open therefore full payment will still be required.

If you are unavoidably delayed and expect to be late collecting your child from nursery please contact the nursery as soon as possible to advise them.


Extra sessions/cancelling a places/swapping days:


If you would like to book extra sessions or cancel your child’s place at nursery please contact the nursery management team in the first instance. We can not accommodate transferring one day for another except in exceptional circumstances and any swaps can only be authorised by Mrs Green (proprietor). Notice to leave the nursery must be put in writing. Notice should be given at the beginning of your child’s week and must be at least 4 full weeks notice.


Financial difficulties:


If you are experiencing financial difficulties please contact the nursery management team as soon as possible.




If you have any feedback regarding the care, safety, welfare or education of your child, please speak to the management team or call our main branch at Lowton on 01942 678803 and ask to speak to Mrs Sandra Green (nursery proprietor).

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