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Leaving your child at nursery for the first time is stressful but by working together, exchanging information regularly and taking part in nursery life whenever possible, this difficult time will become a very positive experience for all of us. There are no hard and fast rules to settling children into nursery, every child is different and we make sure that their specific needs are catered for.


We encourage all parents to take advantage of our settling in sessions where you and your child get the opportunity to familiarise yourselves with the nursery and the team who will be looking after you. The time and number of these sessions can fit around your needs and can be arranged through discussion between you, the nursery management team and the wider team.

Our teams are highly experienced at helping children settle in and quickly adapt to daily life in our nurseries.

To do this we:

  • ensure the whole process is an enjoyable experience.

  • develop a close relationship between the nursery team and your family and encourage you to play as active a role in nursery life as you would like to.

  • provide a Key Person for each child — an individual who will lead the settling in process, is focused on your child’s development and

  • who is your main point of contact. The Key Person will learn your child’s preferences and any requirements so they feel at home as soon as possible.

  • quickly gain an understanding of your child’s personality, likes and dislikes and develop routines which allow them to undertake the experiences, activities, opportunities and games which they find most fun or stimulating.

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